Planning a destination elopement can feel crazy overwhelming!  I want to set your mind at ease right off the bat.  You won't be going at the planning process alone! 

With my extensive knowledge of the islands and my lists of fave vendors, I'm here to provide you with all of the information and resources needed to seamlessly plan your destination Hawaiian elopement.

To start, check out the FAQ's to hopefully get some of your initial questions answered.

I'm not Just your photographer, but your resource for all things elopement planning

Does a Hawaii elopement mean just the two of us? Or can we still elope and have our family present?

One word. YES! An elopement can take many forms. It can be just the two of you, or the two of you with your closest friends and family! Just be mindful that the state of Hawaii limits beach ceremonies to 30 people (10 as of September 2021 due to covid restrictions). You are also not allowed to have chairs. Beach ceremonies are a lovely and intimate way to get married and have your family there as well!  

Yes, this is such a great question. And sometimes not the easiest to answer. Haha. In short, an adventure elopement means you’re choosing to trek to unique and sometimes hard-to-reach parts of the island to have a shared experience with one another where you get to explore, have fun, connect, and maybe even push your physical limits a bit. If you have visions of you and your love in your wedding attire, your dress flowing in the wind, on top of a beautiful bluff looking over the pacific, or hiking through a rainforest to get to an epic waterfall, then an adventure elopement might be calling your name! 

What is a Hawaiian adventure elopement?

We know nothing about the islands or vendors that are good and reliable. Will you help guide us to the right people to work with?

Absolutley! There is no doubt that planning a destination elopement can feel so overwhelming and it’s hard to even know where to start. I get a lot of couples coming to me knowing they want to elope in Hawaii but don’t know yet which island! I assure couples that when you hire me, you’re also hiring a wedding planner. I will walk you through all the steps! I even have my list of preferred vendors for each island to send your way once we begin the planning process

We love the idea of an adventure shoot but 4 hours seems like a long time. Why do you require 4 hours minimum?

I totally get this! Most couples don’t love getting their photo taken. For four hours no less. But here’s the deal, to get to some of the best, most epic locations on the islands, it takes time to get there. Usually a longer hike or drive is involved. But I assure you, you will not be doing weird or awkward posing for all that time. You two simply get to enjoy and explore a new place together while I get to creatively capture you. 4 hours will ensure that we won’t feel rushed and we can also incorporate fun elements into your day like a sweet picnic lunch/dinner, popping open a bottle of champagne on a cliffside while watching the sunset, your options are endless in making your day something that uniquely represents YOU.

What is included in your packages?

Each package includes the allotted hours of coverage and images that you’ll receive in a lovely online gallery. It also includes my fine tuned and curated list of recommended vendors for each of the islands. Not sure who to call for an officiant, videographer, flowers, hair and makeup? I’ve got you covered! My packages also include 1-2 additional phone calls (depending on how far out your elopement date is) to cover questions and info regarding your day! Lastly, once we reserve your date I will send you a couple’s questionnaire to get to know you two a bit better! This is an especially helpful process for couples who have not yet chosen the location for their ceremony or adventure shoot. Your answers give me insight into picking helping you pick the perfect spot for your big day!

My partner and I and aren’t big hikers. Would an adventure elopement still make sense for us?

Yes, for sure! Adventure elopements take many forms. Some couples are down getting muddy and hiking up mountains, while others love the idea of an epic location but don’t love the idea of getting crazy dirty or trekking through a rainforest. I totally get that. And surprisingly I have a lot of couples who would put themselves in the ladder category. Which is why I like to get to know my couples ahead of time, ask them specific questions that help guide me in finding the perfect spot for their adventure shoot that best suits their vision, personalities, and physical willingness.  

Do you do any posing?

Very little, if any! In my personal life, I value genuineness and authenticity to the very core of my being! ha. This, overtime, has worked its way into my profession. When you (a potential client) look through my images, I want you to be reassured that what you’re seeing are REAL people, REAL emotions, and REAL moments. The best compliment I receive from past clients when they see their images is “Wow, we look like US!” Seems simple enough but to me it’s so profound. Because let’s be real, who wants to look back on their images and say, “Hey, look at this photo of us laughing. Remember when the photographer told us to fake lake and we felt super awkward?” No way! Instead I want you to say, “Hey, I love this shot of us playing rock, paper, scissors to see who had to share their vows first! We couldn’t stop laughing over it!” That is where images can hold such depth. The power in a photo is not in remembering the moment, but the feeling you had in that moment. In there lies the difference between a documentarian and a storyteller. My heart is to share your story.    

What is your most popular package?

Hands down, my 6 hour package! This is best for couples who want 2 hours of coverage for a beach ceremony and then a same day or next day adventure shoot!

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