I know the effort and work that goes into the commitment of marriage, of intertwining your life so intentionally with another human. While there are undoubtedly moments when couples will want to throw in the towel, I want to give my couples opportunities to connect, reflect, and revel in the awareness of this beautiful adventure they are embarking on together. From monumental moments to small in betweens—I'm here to capture the nuance of couples and what makes you, well, you!

Let's get the ball rolling.

my approach

Aloha! I'm Jamie! I live with my family on Hawaii Island. I have four beautiful children that I homeschool when not photographing your love story. Want to know what my life looks like on the daily? Come have dinner at our house! It's messy, loud and full of kids half dressed with no shoes, skating through the kitchen! And watch where you step as you'll find lego pieces EVERYWHERE! We have an old but lovable dog and two cats (one of them that can't seem to figure out how to NOT poop on our bathroom floor). In my free time (of which I have zero), I LOVE to surf and play board games! 

My name is Jamie.


"Jamie has an incredibly unique style of capturing people in a way that tells a story."

-Tyler Combs


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