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Are you looking for a list of the best locations for your wedding or elopement in Hawaii? I’ve built a list of the top venues from four of the major Hawaiian Islands (Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Hawaii Island, aka Big Island), and detailed information for planning your dream wedding or elopement. Not finding what you’re looking for in this? No problem! Contact me directly and I would love to answer your questions.

In this article, I have created the ultimate Hawaii wedding venue guide, including a list of 30 of the top well-known (and not so well-known), wedding venues on all the major islands that meet both the budget-friendly client as well as those willing to take it to the next level. Want to skip the venue altogether and instead run away to a secluded and private spot on the island to get hitched? Amazing! Whether it’s an intimate venue for 20 guests, finding a spot on a private beach, or hiking through the rainforest, each Island truly has something for every couple. But before we get started, a quick note about current Covid- 19 restrictions. Please inquire with each venue to find out their current booking process as rules and regulations are ever-changing during this pandemic.

Hawaii Island (Big Island) Elopement Venues

Holualoa Inn

The first on our Hawaii venue guide is located a short 15-minute drive up the mountain from downtown Kailua – Kona. Holualoa Inn is truly a beautiful spot for an intimate wedding or elopement. It boasts of being the quintessential Hawaiian setting to say, “I Do.”

They have multiple on-site options to suit your ideal setting for your ceremony… INCLUDING A BEACH OPTION. With their elopement packages starting around $2,000, it is definitely an affordable option with room for lots of upgrades. to suit your needs.

Kahua Ranch

Located roughly 45 minutes north of the Kona airport, Kahua Ranch is set amidst rolling hills with stunning mountain and ocean views.  A working ranch since the early 1900s, Kahua Ranch is rich in Hawaiian history and culture.  With multiple venue sizes, you can find a spot to suit your needs.

Did I mention the beautiful historical Ranch Chapel?!  Truly a unique Hawaiian wedding spot.

Contact Swept Away Island Weddings and Events for more info.

Kahua Ranch featured on our Hawaii wedding venue guide
source: https://www.latimes.com/travel/la-tr-d-paniolo-20150426-story.html

Painted Church

Located in South Kona, St. Benedict’s Painted Church is truly a gem!

To someone none the wiser, it looks like just a normal little Chapel from the exterior. However, when venturing inside, it is a thing of beauty.

Erected over 100  years ago, the church’s interior is covered from top to bottom with colorful fresco paintings.  The Painted Church is found off the beaten path amidst green and lush coffee farms in the historic city of Honaunau.

At only $1000 to book your event, it is a steal of a deal for an intimate and unique Hawaiian elopement!

Painted Church featured on our Hawaii wedding venue guide

Hale Wailele

Looking for an intimate venue along with luxury accommodations for you and your closest friends and family?  Hale Wailele is your answer!

Located in Kailua-Kona, Hale Wailele is located at a cool 1000 ft elevation on a secluded 5-acre estate.

Here you have the freedom to plan your wedding exactly how you envisioned it with zero time restraints.  And let’s not forget the stunning panoramic coastline views!  Do keep in mind, Hale Wailele requires a 5-night minimum stay if you intend on having your wedding on the property.

Anna’s Ranch Heritage Center

Located in Waimea, about 40 minutes north of the Kona airport, Anna’s Ranch encompasses the look and feel of “Old Hawaii.”

Its acres of property are centered around rolling pastures and stunning gardens that go for days!

You’ll also find beautiful historical buildings around the property. Although they accommodate larger wedding events, they also have smaller venue spots for more initiated weddings and elopements.  

Papa Kona

If you’re looking for a small spot right in the heart of Kona Town within feet of the ocean, then Papa Kona is your place!

With the ambiance, the ocean breeze, and the Old Hawaii feel, this is truly a special place for a lovely and quaint wedding.

It doesn’t get much better than an outdoor ceremony and reception right by the water.  Papa Kona provides especially great options for those looking to plan an intimate wedding/elopement.

Papa Kona featured on our Hawaii wedding venue guide
source: https://www.tripadvisor.com

The Falls at Reid’s Island

Dreamed of an elopement or intimate wedding on the Big Island in the middle of a rainforest alongside a waterfall?  Well, if you weren’t before, I really hope you are now!

The Falls at Reed’s Island almost doesn’t even seem like a real place!  It’s a unique and wild spot for an intimate ceremony.  Much like Hale Wailele, Reed’s Island is a venue/vacation rental combo.

So, you and your guests can stay on the property, which makes logistics easier for your big day.

You can find it on Airbnb or in the link above.  

The Falls at Reid's Island featured on our Hawaii wedding venue guide
source: https://reedisland.com

Palms Cliff House

This might be one of my favorite spots on this list. Palms Cliff House is designed with small intimate weddings in mind.

This gorgeous estate is set along a dramatic cliffside and only accommodates up to 20 guests.  So you can be guaranteed to have the small wedding or elopement you hoped for.

Starting at a $1500 event fee, this venue is a steal of a deal.  

Palms Cliff House featured on our Hawaii wedding venue guide
source: https://palmscliffhouse.com

Hulihe’e Palace

One of the most historic spots on our Hawaii wedding venue guide is the Hulihe’e Palace is a beautiful oceanfront location in the heart of Kona Town that is rich in history.

Formerly the vacation residence for Hawaiian royalty back in the early 1800s, Hulihe’e is filled with beautiful artifacts and treasures of the Hawaiian people.

Although this stunning venue is big enough to cater to larger wedding events, it also can serve those looking for something more intimate.

At Hulihe’e, you’re within steps of the beach, bars, and restaurants.

Hulihe'e Palace featured on our Hawaii wedding venue guide
source: https://daughtersofhawaii.org

Lava Lava Beach Club

This last spot on the list is less off the beaten path but a place that most people have to see at least once before the end of their Big Island trip.

Lava Lava Beach Club is literally right on the beach!

As are their lovely cottages for rent.  The beach is lovely and intimate, and the sunsets are absolutely insane every night—one of the most stunning spots on our Hawaii wedding venue guide.

Lava Lava beach club, featured on our Hawaii wedding venue guide
source: https://www.lavalavabeachclub.com


The Haiku Mill

The Haiku Mill is not just a wedding venue, it’s an experience.

Located on Maui’s north shore, off the famous road to Hana, walking onto this property feels like you’re walking straight into a fairytale. It doesn’t get much more memorable and unique than this stunning location for your intimate wedding!

Haiku Mill | Reception Venues - The Knot

Lahaina Loft

If there is one word to describe Lahaina Loft, it would be elegant. Their onsite wedding coordinators will make your vision come to life! This is a versatile venue that caters to both small and larger wedding events alike.


Sugar Beach Events

Sugar Beach Events is the whole package! A stunning oceanfront venue on the island of Maui as well as a show-stopping menu by executive Chef Lee Anderson considered a leader in the catering community.

Your wedding day will not only be memorable for its location but for its unique dining experience.

Sugar Beach Events of Hawaii | Venue, Kihei | Price it out

The Steeple House

Built-in the 1950s as a church for the local sugar cane and pineapple plantation workers. The Steeple House now serves the community and travelers alike as a beautiful and intimate wedding venue.

You also have the option of either an indoor or outdoor ceremony.

Pin on Open House and Blessing

Hawaii Elopement Venue Guide: Off the Beaten Path

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Hey, this list is great and all, but what if I’m looking for something a bit more adventurous and off the beaten path.”  Well, then you have come to the right Island!
The Big Island is incredibly geographically diverse.

Want to elope on a cliffside on a 30-year-old lava field?
How about getting married on one of the many black sand beaches on the Big Island?
Or for the ultra adventurous, how about hiking into one of the many (many!) valleys surrounding the island’s dramatic shorelines?
Did you know the Big Island is also home to one of only 4 green sand beaches in the entire world?!

As an elopement photographer, I work individually with each of my couples to hear their vision and hope for their special day and plan out their experience from there.

Please note that many beaches, state parks, and national parks require a permit and booking a date in advance.

You can contact the park directly or consult with your photographer about permit and date options. 

Hawaii Elopement Venue Guide: The Best Time to Elope

Most people would say ANYTIME is a good time to get married on the Big Island of Hawaii!  And they would be right!  But a couple of things to keep in mind.  The months of August-October are considered the hottest and most humid.  Winter months tend to bring in a bit more rain (January-March).  But take note, highs in Hawaii never change more than 6-8 degrees throughout the entire year!  Personally, I love the months of April-June and October-Early November as the weather is lovely and tourism is a bit lower around this time.  This, of course, applies to a typical year, whereas right now, tourism is way down because of Covid-19.   

Eloping on the Big Island with Two Tides Photography

        The key to an adventurous elopement is first finding a photographer who knows the island well but also knows the local laws, permits processes, and fees to ensure everything for your elopement goes off without a hitch.

They should also have a passion for the outdoors and the skill to navigate and get dirty along with their clients! Lucky for you, I know just the girl… AKA ME!

Any questions not found on our Hawaii wedding venue guide?
Check out the links below for additional information!


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